Virtual reality at last!

Dear Eigens,

Some very exciting but long overdue news from your beloved Eigenstudio: we are collaborating with a very talented company, Fantastificio, to work on Virtual Reality applications!

Oculus Rift. It so did to fit on my little cousin due to short interocular distance

Oculus Rift. Photo from wikipedia. It so did not fit on my little cousin due to short interocular distance

Fantastificio entered in the exciting world of 360 videos, to be experienced using a head mounted display such as Oculus Rift or Samsung GearVR. They asked us to land a hand in creating an app to visualize the videos, and Eigenstudio answered right away!

That first journey into Virtual Reality went so smooth that we instantly knew we wanted more! So we started to work on more extensive VR interactive experiences, using Unity5, UE4, GearVR Framework and whatever we needed to learn to implement what we envisioned.

Samsung GearVR headset with the phone.

Samsung GearVR headset with the phone inserted. Personally, best mobile VR headset by far. Photo from wikipedia

The thing about virtual reality is, unlike its name suggests, it is still far from reality in many aspects, it is a very new experience, there is nothing quite like it on our daily lives. Hence VR technology lacks the easy marketing extrapolation that smartphones had, “a tiny powerful computer that fits in your pocket”. One has to experience VR to understand and create for it. Driven by immense curiosity and on-the-surface professional motivations we got ourselves an Oculus Rift DK2, a Google Cardboard, and Fantastificio was kind enough to lend us some mobile devices: See a Samsung Galaxy note 4 and a GearVR put to good use here ehhehe 🙂

Samsung GearVR headset - with blue eyes inserted

Samsung GearVR with blue eyes inserted.

So as you imagine nowadays we are fully immersed. The VR world in general and our tiny role in it is quickly progressing. The list of what we have learnt, done, dream of doing is so long that one post would not even cover the surface. So I guess the most enjoyable way of sharing that with you would be to make a “Virtual Sunny Beach” app and start writing updates while sipping drinks on sand in the next weeks 😉

VR eigen beach sand

Stay tuned!

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  1. Zeynep H.

    :))) Blue eyes are funny.
    Go Eigen team go! Looking forward to hearing more updates on this. Virtual reality is all over the news now. Bring it to Istanbul too! Bol sans kucuk!

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