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“Sissa in Festa” Exploring Sense of Smell with Virtual Reality?

This year’s Sissa in Festa event will explore odours, hopefully mostly the good ones. 😛

Sissa in Festa is one of those outreach programs of Sissa. It aims to bring the fundamental sciences that are under study at the institue closer to locals, be it families with children or students and academics in other fields.

The theme this year is Smells and Stories. Right 🙂 There are a lot of amazing workshops organised already. Particularly note worthy for us are the ones on coffee and wine, two products whose connoisseurs could describe a world of variety solely with their noses.

Although we might be too late, we would like to bring VR to this year’s Sissa in Festa. We have a VR game in-progress that could teach you the molecular structure of odours. It is a Leap Motion + Oculus DK2 setting. Stay tuned!

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