How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Video Game Coding: Episode 0 – The Beginning

This is my very first in a (hopefully) long series of technical blog posts about video game programming. The idea is to share some solutions or reasons behind the choices we made during the development of ClockworkPuzzle. They will not be organized, at least not in the beginning, but they will reflect more or less the things we will be working on during the following months. Maybe one day, if there is enough interest, they will become a series of tutorials. So if you would like to see more of them, drop us a line here or down below in comments.

Anyway. Let’s get technical. 🙂

First a little description on how we are building our first game. The heart of ClockworkPuzzle is the excellent cocos2D-x 3.4, so the game is (almost totally) written in C++. The physics is managed by Box2D, while for the level design we are using LevelHelper 2. All the models are created in Blender. Finally, analytics and ads are provided by Flurry.

We are doing the code development using Eclipse with the ADT and CDT plugins on Ubuntu Linux for the Android version, while for the iOS version we are using (guess what?) xCode on MacOSX…

I should say that so far it has been a marvellous experience. We learnt a lot, We had a lot of fun, and seeing the game growing proved to be very rewarding. It hasn’t been  easy, at least in the beginning, but it’s a trip we would be willing to take again, over and over 🙂

Done with the introduction. Next post will be about Flurry analytics and ads. Stay tuned!



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