Final beta coming soon!

Dear Clockworkers, the final beta is on his way!

Thanks to your feedback, we were able to fix several bugs and we added the features you asked:

  1. Overlays and animations are now displayed on all devices
  2. New and improved starting areas: The selected toy now snaps on the starting area if the finger is close but not exactly on the area.  it should not be possible any more to put the car outside starting areas or to drag them around by colliding with other objects
  3. Zoom! Zoom! Zooooom! /li>
  4. Added animation for toys falling off the table
  5. The “silent movie” sections are now correctly playing the first time a level is attempted
  6. Audio on/off setting is now saved. Restarting the game will keep the last audio setting.
  7. A lot of new game mechanics and levels and yes, new toys!

While waiting, you can enjoy a sneak preview of the clockwork puzzle main theme I composed. Hope you like it!

Clockwork Puzzle main theme

And here is a picture of our working environment. E really does not like this photo but was too tired to protest.

Eigenstudio_1More news coming soon!


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