Clockwork Puzzle: User Analysis

Hi, Ciao, Salut, 你好 and привет to all Eigens & friends out there,

The reason behind all the languages is indeed the analytics we have gathered based on the user data of our game Clockwork Puzzle. But language is easy to guess, instead, some of what we found out about you and your gameplay was a lot more counter-intuitive to us!

Me while checking some user event logs

While checking some of your play logs

As you might remember in last week’s post we started the analytics with basic questions: how many people played in total, how many iOS vs Android users, and average time they spend in the game per session etc. Let me summarise what we learned in two simple points: 1) Reviews and ratings are super duper important for a new game not to get lost in the search among 500 games appearing each day on the store! 2) Never release a truly unfinished beta. Yes it sounds stupid, we hear you say “hey, being unfinished is the nature of a beta release!”.. We know.. But after playing a quite unfinished beta, even your friends might be discouraged from playing the final version. Alternatively get more supportive and tolerant friends with less smartphone ADHD.*

This week we added some few more data points from the last days as well and move to more personal waters: As we analyse the results, numbers will tell what kind of internet persona you are, your “Flurry” age and gender, your secret interests which you spend most time on while nobody is looking, as well as how miserably you (or as game designers, we XD ) failed at the lowest levels of the game, and how that correlates to your device (a heads up: the more expensive the device, the better were the scores in Clockwork Puzzle. So, money and not giving up in the face of a difficult game goes hand in hand? Coincidence?? It is probably that success and money comes with persistence, and Clockwork Puzzle is just as badly designed and difficult as life itself.. Or it is because I just made this result up.. But it would be neat if it was true. )

Let’s dig in the results now shall we:

User Age, Gender, Persona

Flurry, the analytics tool from Yahoo! is quite a giant in analytics and used by over 500k apps around the world, including Clockwork Puzzle. If you are following us you know that we even have a technical blog post about it. Thanks to Furry, although we never track any information of your age or gender, we can have an intelligent estimate based on all the data Flurry has gathered across all the apps and using that benchmark against your tendencies with our app. Here is its estimate on who you are:

Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

So the most likely representative of Clockwork Puzzle audience is a girl in her early twenties, using an iOS device. Wait, what?? And Flurry does not stop there to shock us. Here is more on the personality type and interests:

Chart by Visualizer

We do not really know how each personality type is defined exactly (have you noticed the tag “Social influencer” or “Mom” ?) but seeing the casual gamer as the top ranking tag among all was like a sanity check for us. Then there were some surprises here too: Only 4 hardcore gamers among all users, only 4 tech gadget enthusiasts, and only 1 fashionista, and, wait for it, only 1 single!!!!! We thought we knew our friends and family better than this!

So there! Now thanks to Flurry you know how the analytics world, the advertisers and your developer friends see you, dear Eigens. We also learned that Clockwork Puzzle goes well with iOS girls between ages 18-24. So next time when you think of what to say to start up the conversation just try:

Hey, ummmm, can I ask you a favour? My friends made this puzzle game and they are looking for some <insert flattering adjective – like smart!> people to test it. Would you mind giving it a try? It is about a little girl in early 1920s.
Coming next
How do iOS vs Android players act in the face of a challenge: Win/Lose/Restart analysis.. We know we said it last time too but look, we had so many other awesome things to talk about this time, haven’t we?

Stay tuned!

* you are ok, no i didn’t mean you really.. oh does it sound like i am trying to guilt you into playing our game??.. Oh.. well, maybe i am.. huh? good friends don’t do that you say..hmm.. but i wouldn’t need to, if you did play in the first place, right?.. there then, who is not being a good friend now?… … … you know what, you would be in level 12 by now if you have downloaded it instead of arguing about it.. just saying.

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