Clockwork Puzzle: Flying the nest

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Semisonic - Closing Time


We have finally put a stop at CWP development and sent it off the nest to the jungle of app stores. It even has its own page now here on our site and here on Appszoom! The world of mobile games is a messy jungle, with as many as 500 games launched every day on iOS in 2014, and 250 a day on Android [1]. We are ever so grateful to all of you for contributing to its development with your encouragements and feedback! Thank you, Grazie, Tesekkurler, Merci, Hvala, Kiitos, Graciis, Danke, Dziękuję , مرسي , Obrigada, Gracias.

CWP is a tiny but rather difficult game, one that is difficult to learn and difficult to play as the levels quickly get tougher and trickier after introductory ones. When we noticed that the game is not playable by majority of the mobile gamers due to its difficulty level and lack of instructions however, we did not despair. Instead of cursing our lack of expertise in user-interaction, we realised how little we cared about making Clockwork Puzzle for the masses. We made our first game for people like ourselves, like you my friend who is reading this. Take it as a sign that we have been born, bred and buttered amongst the smartest and most resilient of minds that is you.

We have finished the game and put it out there in the world ( well here on AppStore  and here on PlayStore ) but we have not broken all bonds with it: We will still follow it for the bugs to fix or for quick improvements you would like to see. We will for sure talk about its development and reveal more of the process code-, modelling-, game mechanics and statistics-wise.

A tiny era has finished for us but has just started for Ago and CWP. Wanna make her happy? Drop us a one line comment down here or reach us here: what has been your favourite part playing it?

The Eigen Team

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