Clockwork Clockwork Clockwork!


This is our first attempt at a game that leaves the walls of our living room, the domains of our computers. For the first time we had the courage to share what we had in our minds, which did not involve certainty of equations and integrals or could not rest on the shoulders of biblical Landau textbooks. Writing algorithms from equations was not that easy, but writing a tiny puzzle game about a little girl was hell a lot more challenging. Yet, as anybody with untold stories, we had to start from somewhere.


While we were rather comfortable in who we were and what we can accomplish in our roles and careers, this journey into the game world felt only a little less brutal than ice bucket challenge. We have learnt that it takes a good deal of openness to vulnerability to publish anything creative. We have learnt that if we had perfection in mind we would never have finished even a beta release. Each corner we wanted to fix opened new bugs, revealed from our most rookie mistakes to unheard of compiler issues, and each step we had to make choices of what to keep and what to abandon in the little time we had. The little game you can download below ended up being a crippled version of our grand vision. It taught us kindness towards our growing pain, and enriched us with a little dose of self-love and self-acceptance.

Hence we thought, what better day than Valentine’s day to share it with the people we love.

Clockwork Puzzle

for Android, with love

Hope you will enjoy the game, and hope what you can find below leaves you wondering what will be next.

If you want to be a part of our journey or want to give us a pat on the shoulder or tough love, or simply want to report a bug/crash, please do leave a comment below or shoot us a message here. It would be extremely helpful if you can let us know what you liked/disliked/couldn’t care less about and your device model as well.

Thank you & happy Vday!

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  1. Deniz Ç.

    kardesimin Samsung’da denedik, cok sirin olmus bu! Tebrikler canim!!!!

    Bir sonraki versiyonda balik gercekten ucuyor mu? :)))

    1. Post
      Emine Kucukbenli

      Cok tesekkurler Deniiiiz (:
      Begendigine sevindim. Ucamadi o balik yahu bir turlu, onumuzdeki release’de umarim!

      Bir de, ilk comment filan demeden yazdigin icin ayrica ayrica tesekkurler bidik! Vaktin varsa bir kac soru hazirladim sana mail atiyorum simdi, yanitlarsan super useful olur bizim icin, Ada’yla da paylasabilirsin. Opuyorum!

  2. vanessa

    Ciao Em! Finally! But I am writing this on my iphone. You know I don’t play video games but I played this on my tablet. Let’s say, it has potential :)))))) The music is sweet. I think some of the levels are too difficult to pass, maybe. By the way the little girl’s dress and the hat are so trendy right now! Good catch! Kisses!

    1. Post
      Emine Kucukbenli

      Ciao Vanessa!! Thank you for taking the time to play & to write! Much appreciated! Happy you liked the music, although it is buggy, keeps restarting and becomes super annoying (: We will fix that before the iOS release, i hope. About the levels, hmm, they were only some introductory levels with straightforward logic behind as you probably figured out.. But perhaps the fact that user interaction and tutorial parts are so badly done by yours truly, might be the reason why some of them felt difficult, sorry. Any specific level/part comes to your mind? Would be extremely useful for us if you wanted to tell more!
      ps: I knew you would like the hat! Yay!! Next time you can dress her ^.^

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