Hello! We are Eigen, a small software studio made up of curious scientists.

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We do what we love: problem-solving to turn brilliant ideas into brilliant apps, videos, games.

Our main focus is programming and Augmented/Virtual Reality.

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Latest Projects:

We have shot our first 360 video! It features a cyr wheel performance at the beautiful Macao, Milan. To add further magic to it, we have augmented the video by inserting computer graphics elements in it. It was great fun and enjoyable challenge to add the models behind the performer without the green screen!

Can you tell the three computer graphics elements visible in this snapshot?

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We have made our first Virtual Reality Game!

And it is called DustRunner. It is a VR specific game where you move your head up and down to make the dust speckle on the car window run on roofs or jump over poles. The game is strictly built on parallax and reveals if you have a dominant eye.

Played it? Let us know of your highest score!

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Our trivia game 007 Quiz is out!

Our secret agent friend FX wanted to pay his tribute to James Bond with a trivia game. With his love for hilarious content and our desire to learn yet another coding platform, we came together and created 007 Quiz for iPhone. It is a quick and fun recap of James Bond universe up to latest movie “Spectre”, with many categories to test your information, and amusing game elements such as hinting bullets.

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Clockwork Puzzle is out!

Combining beloved home-made puzzles with a story. In Clockwork Puzzle, our very first game, we salute the pre-digital-gaming era, children with vast imagination and strong women everywhere. Available for iPhone and Android.

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